If your business depends on leads, we're your new best friend...

Car Dealerships
So they heard about your sale from an ad, they came in to visit your lot, they test-drove some nice cars. Then they left. Ever hear back from them? We can introduce you to a solution that helps you do picture perfect follow-on sales. Any member of our sales team would be happy to help get this setup for you.
Real Estate Offices
Certain properties require a higher-touch sales process to make sure that no lead is ignored. For these properties, LeadNotify provides you the extra advantage of connecting with every visitor, ensuring that your most valued clients' properties are being treated with the best care possible.
Service Companies
If they're on your site, you better believe they're visiting your competitors as well. Catch them before they move on and tell them about your great services and deals you offer to first-time customers!
Travel Agencies
Turn casual visitors into black-diamond travelers by calling and conduction a ready-made presentation on your best vacation packages. In travel, a phone call can cement an otherwise tentative deal through the power of a human touch.
Not For Profit Companies
Soliciting donations, otherwise helping your community? There are lots of ways that LeadNotify can help your organization achieve your goals. Special pricing available, you only need to ask.
YOUR Company
We like to name the big, easy use-cases so we can help you see the potential in our products. Your company may have unique requirements that don't fit any of these business models. That's okay. If you depend on leads, we can help you grow your business.
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